We'd like to announce the 2015 Superhero Short Story Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following entries:

First Place Medal 1st Place - "The Shadow" - submitted by: Amelia

Second Place Medal 2nd Place - "Language Barrier" - submitted by: Nicholle

Third Place Medal 3rd Place - "Jenny" - submitted by: Daniela

Contest Completed

The 2015 Online Teen Story Contest has come to a close.

Thank you all for your participation in this year's event and we look forward to hearing from you again next year.

Approved Stories List

2015 Approved Stories:

Contest Information and Rules

Prizes are sponsored by LaserQuest and include:

  • 1st Place - 2 hour game of Laser Tag with you and 3 friends.
  • 2nd Place - 2 hour game of Laser Tag with you and 2 friends.
  • 3rd Place - 2 hour game of Laser Tag with you and a friend.
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Here are the rules:

  • Must be ages 12 to 19 and a resident of Salt Lake County.
  • Please submit only your own original work.
  • Entries must be 200 to 300 words* in length. (Approx. Word counter provided, but please check your own work.)
  • Be sure and keep your entry free from profanity and hate speech - G to PG-rating please.
  • You may submit as many entries as you like.
  • Grammar, spelling and other technical details may be edited.
  • Stories may be submitted from June 1st through July 31st.
  • If you have an overdue fine, check with a librarian. Submitting your story can get you a fine waiver for up to $5.00!

* - Contractions count as one word, hyphenated words count as two or more.

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