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"Libraries are for Creating" contest!




Books Building
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In beginning the course of creation, one must first reach a state of peace.


The dim yellow light peers over my shoulder as I stare into the dizzying blank page on my laptop screen. I feel every irritating imperfection on the seat of my wooden kitchen chair, and I find the signals it relays to me strange. It’s achingly dull, yet its ghostly tentacles are carving into my bones, crawling up my spine, and dissolving any imaginative juices it might encounter in the dark cloud of turmoil that is currently my mind. With every beat of my heart, a gaseous rage swallows a little more pressure, working its way towards my lungs and trachea. I let out a frustrating sigh in place of a scream. I know what to do.

After about 5 minutes, I find myself standing before the Whitmore Library. The sunlight from the sky lightly touches the grin on my lips. The sliding door opens on my way in, and the sunlight is replaced with a wave of warmth equivalent to the pleasure from a motherly embrace. The vacant buzz that accompanies this nuzzling glow feels like sweet bliss to my ears. The world around me slows down a bit, and I stop and gaze. 'Yes', I think to myself, 'this will do'. 

I arrive in the quiet study area, pull out a sturdy chair, and set up my laptop. The light above is yellow, and the chair beneath is wooden. Though yellow, the light is comforting, not dim. Though wooden, the chair is supportive, not tortuous. With every beat of my heart, liquid faith consumes more of my mind. I close my eyes, let out a soft sigh, and rest my fingertips on the smooth, cold keyboard. 

Everything feels perfect.
Everything is perfect. 
I begin to write,

The dim yellow light peers over my shoulder...


Buds on trees
Flowers blooming
Birds whistling
$5 off of library fees


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