Diagon Alley


Hogwarts may not accept students under 11 years old, but every aspiring witch or wizard is welcome in Diagon Alley. Our shops are open for you to identify and create your animal familiar, explore magical book art, and build a wand. Additionally, you're invited to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday at one of our many birthday parties!

Some events may require registration - dates, times and locations are listed below for quick reference. For additional details, including registration, search for "Diagon Alley" in our calendar. ( Space is limited. )

Harry Potter course books are available for check out at any County Library location and online.


Magical Menagerie

Create your very own magical pet.


Flourish and Blott's

Discover the magic when crafts meet books.



Make your very own wand.


Harry Potter's Birthday Party

Celebrate the infamous wizard's birthday in high style.