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The Butterfly Effect - Small things can make a big difference
- by: Grace W -- URL:!ApIEtWdqY-N3aK7QHEVlZBn2tGk (March 27)

Stand Up
- by: Olivia P -- URL: (March 26)




My battleships are sinking,
My colors have begun to fade.
The weight of the world is on me, 
And I feel so afraid.
My life is deep in ruin,
My world is crashing down.
The people I know bewitched me,
I am completely spellbound.

Let the winds flow upon me,
And guide me down the right way.
Suck in all my worries,
Then blow them far away. 
Swirl freely all around me,
I can feel it's gentle whisper.
It gives me the strength of typhoons,
To change my life forever!

So push me, and knock me down,
Come at me like a thunder storm.
You can be the cloud over me head,
Or take a different form.
But your icy gusts will do nothing,
Your lightning strikes in vain.
My soul is light as air,
Riding freely on the winds of change!

Rain, snow, hail and pour,
Do what you please.
I am free to fly and shake the trees,
And dance with the swirling leaves. 
Nothing can bring me back down, 
What you throw at me will be rearranged.
I can turn the worst blizzards into rainbows,
Riding freely on the winds of change!


acción se llama amor en lenguajes que se estan perdiendo
y no estoy hablando de extinción en la manera de animales
but maybe in some offices,
where snow-imprinted hands wrap gold-
	real gold shining
	won by virtue of a screaming tongue
	even before mouths could form words
	before sounds of shaking gun barrels were calling
	this land is mine and so shall all
	its treasures go to me
-painted clik claking nails around the stamp
in dark blue ink, wasting,
gagging itself around rubber lettering:

we are once more left to rot

it takes a village to raise hell from bootprint ashes

communities built from fading blood links
crimson showing on our fangs because here,
to pick a fight with
one means to pick a fight with all
there is stone moss grass earth beneath the fraying skin
we are more than our broken knuckles we
have become the 
hospitals, airports, fortresses, war,

maybe later we can discuss those ethics.
once the dust has settled, enemies will meet
dead											silenciados
center to celebrate shared humanity but for now
let us share this-

elder hands become megaphone
young legs-pillars building platforms for those who can no longer stand
unidos podemos cuando el enemigo preferiría que parpadeáramos
parpadeo	parpadeo	parpadeo
	nosotros desaparecimos
The Children Are Our Future;
let them set their own paths ablaze
hand in hand, matches interlocked brighter
sparks and they will say, a chorus born from power




There is always some contention,
Something people want to change.
Darkness follows no dimension,
Just spreads with all possible range.

Something will always hurt,
You will always find some pain,
But we must lift up from the dirt
And wash off in the rain

People will always suffer,
Mankind will go through life
Without a single buffer
Between them and all the strife.

But you can be the change
You can make a difference
If you but believe in change,
You can save the day

The day was full of darkness,
Yet you bring in the light
Their pain was cold and artless,
Yet warmth shall come to fight.

Lives you can help,
Pains you can fix,
So that darkness never conquers,
Do not listen to it's tricks!


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