We'd like to announce the 2016 Teen Tech Creatables Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following entries:


Ages 13-14

1st Place: #1067 - LED Door Alarm (Jennah W.)

2nd Place: #1064 - Dream Catcher (Grace W.)

3rd Place: #1053 - Octopus Tube (Hailey M.)

Most Creative: #1046 - Wolverine Pen Claws (Matthew M.)


Ages 15-18

1st Place: #1080 - Phone Monsters (Kacy C.)

2nd Place: #1063 - Stain Glass Window (Kyla M.)

3rd Place: #1079 - D.I.Y. Ukulele (Harrison M.)

Most Creative: #1068 - Stylus Mouse (Cort O.)


Congratulations to all of our Winners and thank you for your participation this year.

We hope to see all of you again next year!


Contest Closed


The 2016 Teen Tech Month Creatables Contest is now Closed!

Our Contest has come to a close this year.

Winners will be announced shortly, so come back soon to see if you've won!

We'd like to thank all of you for your participation in this year's contest. Keep watching our Teen Space to find out more about upcoming Teen events in the near future.


Contest Information


Welcome to the 2016 Teen Tech Month Creatables Contest!

Teen Tech Month is Salt Lake County Library's annual month-long celebration of teens and technology.

During the month of March, the Library is hosting a variety of STEM activities and a free Hackathon event on March 29th from 6-8pm. In addition, you can participate either virtually or at a library program in our Creatables contest.

So what is a Creatable? Check out some Example Creatables.

You'll have the opportunity to win up to $1500 in a college savings account by submitting your Creatable to our website.

The contest runs March 1-31st, 2016 and you can create and submit your entry here:

To find out more about library programs in your area click here.




Here are the rules:

  • Must be ages 13 to 18 and a resident of Salt Lake County.
  • Please submit only your own Creatable.
  • You will be eligible to win only one prize, regardless of the number of submissions.
  • Entries must be submitted individually. No group entries will be allowed.
  • Keep your entry free from profanity and hate speech.
  • Grammar, spelling and other technical details may be edited, if necessary.
  • Entries must be submitted from March 1 through midnight on March 31st.
  • Library Services will contact the winners via email.
  • Entering the contest can get you a fine waiver of $5.00 once during the month of March! Check with a librarian for more information.



Prizes are sponsored by Google Fiber in cooperation with the Utah Education Savings Plan:

  • Six(6) prizes will be awarded in two age categories:
    • ages 13-14
    • ages 15-18
  • There will be three winners in each age category:
    • $1500 for first place
    • $1000 for second
    • $500 for third
  • Additional prizes may be awarded.
  • Winning Creatables will be selected based on how well you describe and illustrate the 3 or 4 step process of making your Creatable.
  • A picture of the finished Creatable is required, additional pictures are encouraged.
  • Children of Salt Lake County Library Employees are not eligible to win.

If you have any questions regarding the Contest, Rules, or Prizes, please contact Customer Service at: 801-943-4636.